Definitely a go-to salad of mine! Sweet and citrus at the same time.

The best I’ve ever tasted so far. Soft and easily accessible with fork and knife. Make sure to get a wine to go with it for better taste experience.

This was such an addictive bowl of fried chicken!l tenders!

Fresh fillet fish with cream sauce and mashed sweet potato. So goood.

Looking for a casual dining place? Look no further! This has such an amazing environment. Such a hidden gem. But make sure to make an reservation before you head over!

Definitely a must visit place for matcha lovers! Cosy environment and scrumptious dessert!

Houjicha & Matcha Roll: RM10 each.
Iced Latte top with Ice Cream: RM16.
Iced Matcha Latte with Houjicha Kanten: RM14.
Iced Earl Grey Latte: RM13.

Absolutely fell in love with their matcha roll! The Iced latte was definitely a good combination to go with indeed.

This was rich, smooth and also not over the top level of sweetness. Just perfect! (RM11)