Got two of these. Decent. Fries are good.

Most of the menu quite good.
Salmon don that i ordered another time was very small bowl. But ok for small eater.

Heavy handed on the salt. otherwise good but very thin piece of pork.

Great tasting burger. Coleslaw and fries were good. Self service water. Would go back for more. Very limited lunch menu for 1 for 1 deals.

The scallop inside is nice. Overall good, but feel the egg is too little (in amount) is almost like a soy sauce bowl. And a bit too salty for my taste, because of the size of the unicorn (dashi, gelatin, truffle oil mix)

Unagi was pretty good sized. Taste of the fried rice is good. Pretty healthy (because less salt)

$27.90 friend ate it and said it was good. I tried the fries, with the bbq sauce, both fries and sauce were very very good.


$19.90 (but with the burple 1 for 1 deal, price is great!) delicious Sliced oyster blade, braised daikon, Onsen egg, homemade suki sauce, spring onion, Japanese rice, sesame seeds. Flavour enhanced with the mustard provided.

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A la carte item. $15.90, nice and crispy. And not rubbery. Flavor was great.

$10.90 (but with the burple 1 for 1 deal, it was 2 mains+drink+dessert for $50 which is great! The ginger lemonade was nice with a kick too but too sweet for me, which I proceeded to dilute with water. Try this if you haven’t!

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1 for 1 deal, flavour was good, my friend liked it a lot and cleaned the plate. $26