the oreo bingsu wasn't nice at all. i didn't like it at all. i definitely prefer their mango bingsu a million times over this. highly wouldn't recommend this.


these overnight oats taste very good and healthy. i really enjoyed it. the café is a very conducive place too for meetings etc and very instagram-worthy.

there's a variety of flavours to choose from i.e. nutella, oreo, lychee etc but i chose thai milk tea. it was really soft and creamy and i highly recommend it. i ordered this from the stall opposite @zulos_sg and @broti_sg (located in front of darul arqam).

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the mango bingsu was very soft and creamy but overall mediocre.

probably my favourite bingsu flavour @ nunsongyee. comparable to their mango bingsu but the mango bingsu is considered a “premium flavour” so it's more expensive than the cheesecake bingsu. the cheesecake bites are really good too.

honey oat bun + chicken patty + cheddar cheese + chipotle. really good burger.

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i'm generally not a fan of nuts so i didn't enjoy this at all.

the apple pie is hands down best item on the menu. i highly recommend it because it tastes extremely delicious + it's only a dollar. in addition, apple is a fruit so this is definitely a healthy choice.

the pasta options offered were pretty customisable so i chose carbonara + fussilli + dory. the portions were enormous but the food was extremely good & i highly recommend this restaurant.

i ordered the parmesan chicken cutlet which is part of the monthly special so it's cheaper + it comes with a drink. the chicken tastes really good & the parmesan can really be tasted, especially in the breaded part of the chicken. the iced lemon tea was homemade & tasted very nice too albeit being too sweet.


it's called “the lab chick” & it's basically two chicken sandwiches + sweet potato fries on the side + ketchup dip. i enjoyed the sweet potato fries but the chicken was extremely disgusting & i wouldn't recommend dining here.


it's called “classic buckleberry” & it comes with two blueberry & cheese-stuffed pancakes, scrambled eggs, turkey bacon & mushroom. the pancakes are wonderful & fluffy.