The place is quite small and simple, it's better to takeaway rather than dine-in. But if you prefer dine-in, the atmosphere of the place is not bad.

Tofu Cheesecake $9.8
The tofu cheesecake comes with a homemade green tea and they also include a small cute wooden fork. The tofu cheesecake is surprisingly nice! Since it's mixed with tofu the texture is light and soft. The taste also much lighter than the normal cheesecake which makes it much easier to eat. The crumble base is match the light cheesecake taste and complement it nicely. The flower decoration makes it lools pretty, but at some part I feel like the flower makes the cheesecake taste a bit weird. Other than that, it's totally worth the price.

Bun Cha ($6.5)
This Bun Cha is truly delicious and addicting! The veggie is fresh and the rice noodle is a bit sticky and chewy, but after dipping it into the soup it become really easy to eat. The soup is the star of course!
The soup is so fresh and you can taste a little hint of sweetness that comes from the grill pork! The grill pork is so sweet and tender it's so easy to eat! I really recommending the bun cha in here.

This bun cha is located right below the Jurong East MRT's Kopitiam. It's on the Hanoi restaurant on the left side.

Shake Stack $14.3
This burger got fried portobello mushroom and beef patty with cheese. And I just realize what's they hype all about. The portobello mushroom is freshly fried so it's still hot and crispy while the mushroom is soo juicy. The same for the beef patty, it's so juicy and the cheese sauce also keep on oozing out unlike other cheese burger. All of it is served fresh just like it's right out of the oven instead of all cold ingredients reheated.

Burratina $13.5
The cold burrata cheese served with 2 pieces of grilled sourdough, pesto sauce and onion chutney. The grilled sourdough is very nice, it's crispy and soft at the same time, but for the other for me is a bit meh. Perhaps because I don't really like cold food.
The burrata is served cold and the pesto and slightly salty savory onion also a bit cold. It taste fresh tho, just not up to my taste.

Alfredo $13.5
This alfredo pasta is served with shredded chicken, and let me tell you for this price the portion is wayyy too generous! There's so much chicken that I was quite surprised! And the chicken also got a savory taste that complement the cheesy pasta. I love the sauce and the chicken so much, and the price just worth it!

Soft shoufle pancake $4
I wasn't expecting much for this since it's only $4 for 2 pieces of pancake, but turns out the taste also quite nice. Although it's soft and fluffy, you could get the thick taste on the inside of the pancake. I also don't taste heavy egg taste that you usually get in fluffy pancake like this. It's quite a steal.

If you want, you could add $1 for 1 ice cream scoop.

Penang Rendang $22
This is the star dish for me! The shiitake mushroom cooked nicely and absorbs the sauce which just perfect! The rendang sauce is so savory and nice. Once I taste it I become addicted to it immediately. There's also a bit of spicy taste but not that strong. The rendang sauce really bring the Peranakan taste that for me not really easy to find in Singapore. You must try this when you visit this restaurant!

Wolfberry Soup $11/$18
This clear soup have a calm kind of taste so it doesn't taste heavy at all. All the veggies taste sweet and it further enhance by the wolfberry. It's not bad and quite decent, the aftertaste also nice. Go for it if you look for a soup that doesn't have a strong taste.

Truffle Portocardo (set $12.5)
This burger is using sourdough so it got a unique different taste of bun. It taste more chewy and got a veerry small hint of sour. There's also a hidden layer of kimchi underneath the lettuce. Overall it tastes great, we can feel the freshness of the ingredients and it's not washed over heavily with sauce. Too bad for this burger the cheese is somehow concentrated on 1/4 of the burger. The sauteed mushroom sides also quite savory and nice.
The set also comes with 1 kombucha which will wake you up for sure! Most of the kombucha got this strong sour taste but it taste fresh to me. It's not everyone's cup of tea tho so try it a bit if you never have it!

This is one of my go to place when I need to eat delicious vegetarian food. They got a very fresh salads and the sauce also taste great!

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Ropa Vieja Bites(?) ($15)
Honestly I don't remember the name so I think it's better to ask the waiter/waitress first before ordering this.

I think you should try all the tapas in here because most of the tapas is delish. It's supposed to be pulled beef on top but it looks like they change it into pork since one of our friend can't eat beef. It's served on top of banana chips which is crispy but soft on the inside (not fritters, so it doesn't taste sweet) and on top of it there's avocado with onion and tomato so it's a bit sweet and fresh taste. Topped with savory pork and some pesto. It's like the whole flavor in 1 tapas, you definitely should try this one!

Tapas platter ($15)
The platter consist of 4 different topping on top of baguette.

Serrano Ham, Smoked Salmon
It's nothing special for me, basically just ham/Salmon served on top of baguette with some sauce on it. It's tasted fresh and nice but not special.

The chicken got a bit of curry taste and served with onion so it got a bit tangy savory taste.

Garlic Mushroom
This is my recommended one. It looks like normal mushroom bruschetta with cheese, but when I bite it there's a spicy taste comes from the sauce. The after taste on your tongue is similar to a numb feeling, I think it will go great with some alcohol. You can order the garlic bruschetta alone btw.

Sandwich Cubano ($16)
5he filling of this sandwich is actually roasted pork, smoked ham, bacon, and cheese(gherkins and mozzarella), but I can't capture it well. The portion is quite big and generous, the fries also nice. But when I eat it I can only taste the cheese on it, the cheese melted perfectly into the bread and meat. So whichever part you bit you'll taste cheese on it. So if you love cheese I think you'll love it.