One of the more authentic thai restaurants at affordable prices. Love the sea bass fish and otah wrapped in seafood. Plus it's less crowded than Nakhon which is overrated. Egg Omelette is super well fried and yummy.

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Seriously one of the best yet underrated BCM in the middle of the hawker (Blue Star Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles). Order set #9 and you get a huge serving of fishballs, meatball, hee giao and mushrooms. Yumz.

Pretty normal food for its price

Pretty normal food for its price. Nice place to chill

Great place for breads and sourdough and a hearty lunch! beef sandwich is pretty good - tastes like a NYC Jewish beef sandwich

Great delicious Jap-fusion bowls (from top left):
Grilled chicken on mashed potatoes, pulled pork linguine, waygu beef rice bowl. Ingredients are very fresh and well mixed together with the sauces. Very unami and tasty! Portions are reasonable for its price too ($13-16). Available on

Very cheesy black curry, haven't tried this kind of curry before. Slightly spicy and the cheese wishes that it was served in a hotplate. Pretty tasty with the hamburg underneath!

However, this is one of those places where the prices are inflated that if you don't use Burpple beyond, it's not worth it. For the price, I would expect some side dish or miso soup at least.