$3 mee rebus, the gravy is a bit on the sweet side but full of yummy peanut flavour

Mee hoon Soto $3, superb Soto full of flavour and goes great with bergedil

Nicely fried with good fillings, the accompanying sauce is good too.

Nice wok hei with quite a lot of ingredients, only complaint is too much pepper and the Chinese sausage a little burnt.
Overall good exercution

Baked potato was nice, main course comes with free flow salad bar, desert and drinks.
Steak was cooked to medium rare as ordered but the meat has a lot of sinews which makes for a good jaw exercise.
Will not order this again.

Asam fish which was made with probably farmed patin which has a lot of oil.
Prawns were not that fresh, crunchy but without prawn taste.
Only saving grace was the generous portion of petai.

The fish they use is pretty premium, no fishy smell and doesn't fall apart easily.
The kailan is HK variety with a nice crunch.

One of the all time favourites, super umami soup with nice prawns.
The multiple layers of flavours will always bring me back for more.

Nicely fried, not dry or oily.
Flavour was good.
Wish there is some cucumber or something to go along with it.

Soup was just correct, not too watery or thick.
I like it that they did not put a lot of sugar to sweeten the soup and let the natural flavours of the ingredients to shine.

Appetizers, very special deep fried crabs which they kept in a display bowl at the chef counter.

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