(8/10) Relatively quiet and relaxing corner for a cafe located in town. Went there on a weekend and manage to get a seat without reservation 👍🏼 many were there for tea-break, I think. Food portion was good but on the pricey end.

Ordered food:
Academic’s Breakfast (Yummy with burpple 1-1 bfast deal)
Salmon and Hash (like rosti + salmon, worth a try!)
Umami Sweet potato fries (crispy and not oily, but umami sauce was a little funky)
Jasmine and chia seed tea (interesting and refreshing twist)

(9/10) Not giving a 10 because of the price ($98) but wow the sashimi was soo thick and super fresh. You can almost taste a tinge of the sea while eating it. There were salmon belly, scallop, uni, tuna, swordfish and 2 others. All of them tasted so fresh. And no wonder the restaurant is called “Sen” because it means fresh in Japanese.

Ordered food:
3 pc oysters (with a special sauce)
Uni and truffle pasta (has burpple deal)
Michikiji steak (has burpple deal)
Salmon maki with avocado
14 pc sashimi (chef’s kiss)

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(8.5/10) Simple yet unexpectedly delicious Burrata pizza. Tried it because it was highly rated by many. Thought it would be a basic dish, only to find out why many enjoyed it! Waitress on duty that day was really friendly and looked like she enjoys working at LINO.
Queue was long and we waited for ~25mins, probably because it was dinner time. 💯 would go again! (esp if there’s burrple deal!!!)

Ordered food:
This pizza and some aglio olio pasta. I forgot because I went there 2 months ago…

(8/10) It was a pleasant surprise to find this food place in the corner of a quiet street. I like the fact that dining there itself is already meaningful because the proceeds will benefit people with special needs (those who work there)! Will be great if there was burpple deal!!!

Ordered food:
Baramundi with 2 set (comes with drink + dessert) - 8/10
Prawn Aglio olio - 8/10

Although the dessert portion is quite small.

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