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Great place to chill Tender Beef Goulash, star of the dish was the Spaetzle aka Bavarian egg noodle. Pork knuckle was delicious, however, people with a delicate palate might find it too gamey. The Original "Weisswurst" sausage was buttery heaven. Order the 3 sampler glasses and share around. Good portion size. Servers were friendly and attentive.
Roasted Whole Pork Knuckle $31.90++ & Roasted 1/2 Duck $24.90++ The crispy pork knuckle is a must to order! The pork knuckle is well-seasoned with Bavarian seasoning and brushed with Paulaner beer. The skin is so crispy we actually tell them they should consider selling the skin only. 😂 I also like the Sauerkraut and Bavarian bread dumpling that comes with it. However, the sauce provided was really diluted, I was told it’s made of beer but I couldn’t taste any beer in it. Luckily, the pork knuckle is tasty on its own. As for the roasted 1/2 duck, it was not bad. I didn't quite like the red cabbage that comes with it, I preferred the Sauerkraut. Do take note if you're using Burpple Beyond, you have to inform the staff when you order and redeem on the spot. They will charge the most expensive item.
Great Food And Drinks! Did not expect the Grilled Sirloin steak at a German bar to be this yummy! It was plated with brightly colored sides that were visibly appetizing. On the other hand, the pork knuckle was good but not outstanding. More flavorful when paired with the sauce and is served with sauerkraut and bread dumpling, which can be switched to fries or mash potatoes. Nice place to catch a match at the bar area on the first floor or for a romantic date in the dining area on the second floor.
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