I'm a person who seldom eats duck rice. If I do, it's pretty much only from here. The duck has good texture, not too fatty, and they also offer yam rice. The uncle is super friendly as well. Super value for money!

The shakes at Black Tap are indeed a feast for the eyes. One shake is really huge - so it's better to share it with someone. I'm not a big fan of whipped cream and this shake was full of it. But the cookies were yummy and the ice cream along with the shake was great too!

Stumbled upon Emma at 100AM without realising it's a popular Japanese soft serve. 😂 The soft serve itself is thick and rich in milk taste. But the dip, the dip is what made the soft serve really worth it for $5.30 (despite the fact that the cone simply reminds me of macs ice cream cone; just black in colour). Will be back again to try other flavours!

Ordered a build your own for $11.90 (exclusive of GST). It was a terrible 30mins wait for our food and it didn't have the options we wanted either. Some people who ordered after us got their food first. Not to mention that the staff is always serving the Deliveroo/GrabFood/takeaway first, before the dine-in customers. We had to check with the staff twice about our orders. Staff seems panicky and didn't seem to be able to handle the amount of orders. Our order came with the wrong sauce as well (they swapped our sauce). The food was mediocre as well. The teriyaki chicken I had was a tad too dry and the capsicums were tasteless.