Disappointing, went to see what the hype was about, all looks, no substance.

Delicious!! Extremely balanced and flavourful. Good portion to have you feeling satiated. It was $6.90, reasonably priced! 10/10 recommend!

It was not bad, good caramelized onions, beefy burger. That's it.

It's priced at $15, looks pretty good but tasted pretty trash. The cashew butter was okay, savoury and sticky, however the mess of grapes dumped on didn't pair well at all, texturally and taste wise it was overwhelming. The brioche bread was a little on the dry side, felt more like cake than bread. Disappointing.

The iced coconut long black was salty??? The coffee tasted murky and there's no flavour of coconut at all. Smh, it was priced at $6.50


It packs flavour, prata is frozen type, but its still nice. Pretty pricey at $9 for two don't piece of prata, however curry had plenty of meat.


Onsen paired delectably with the meat, silky smooth, tasty dish!

Great presentation, good amount of fruits given. Fruits were really sweet and tasty. It was however overwhelmed by the bitter crumbs scattered around the edges. If there was less crumbs, it would have been far more enjoyable. Felt like I was eating bitter french toast. Toast could have been thicker.

Presentation: 5/5
Taste: 3.5/5
Price: 4/5