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I actually really like the ramen in this combo, the refreshing flavors of yuzu citrus is a great combo with the creamy salmon

the amount of beef is very generous and this is a wholesome bowl all around!

don’t get turn away by the long queue, order takeaway and skip the queue

nice fragrant from wok and the all the flavors are on point!

Classic laksa with all the fixings, portion is also very generous!

Had to do takeaway and it was packaged very nicely. The chicken was juicy and pairs well with satay sauce.

Soy chicken with all the healthy toppings, add their signature sauce and then shake. The end result is a yummy bowl of chicken with veggie and rice. Healthy and tastes good!

tea tastes very high quality and the honey adds a nice sweet hint, this is a refreshing drink but not overly sweet

Be aware of the level of spice you choose, I went with 3 and it was spicy! For those of you who prefer crunchy texture, be sure to add the chicken skin!

Hanoi style pho with Australian beef and meat balls. Tastes very similar to the pho I had in Hanoi.

take a sip of the broth and you will taste a simple yet delicious broth! They are very generous of the amount of shrimp and it’s quiet a big size even for their smallest plate.