tired of walking from all that shopping in orchard, stop by dark gallery for a nice chocolate pick-me-up! We got the dessert tasting set and this mocha set, perfect break to recharge!

Come here for your classic American sandwiches such as pastrami, reuben, cuban, etc. The ambience is homey and reminiscent of simpler times. A gem of a place.
Tip: All sandwiches come with a side of coleslaw.

the first bite of the soufflé curry omurice was such a treat! light fluffy and savory egg mixed with the rich and flavorful curry rice was delicious. the textural contrast of the fluffy omelette and the braised beef, mushrooms, and bacon was like a symphony of mouthfeel. this has everything- a perfect harmony of richness, acidity, sweetness, and herbacousness. the curry was slightly sweet but not cloying. will definitely eat again. pairs perfectly with the dark and bitter aroma of the hoshino drip coffee.

the personal sets at 9.90 is a great deal! we did have to order extra meat on the side as the meat portion that come with the set is quiet small, but overall still very good deal for the amount of food you get.

ordered their signature pork, egg, and cheese toast set with teh. The teh is actually the best part, toast is just ok honestly.

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this dish will leave you happy and satisfied. The chicken is so nice and juicy, and goes really nicely with the waffle and syrup. The potato wedges are surprisingly very addicting because it’s nicely seasoned and soft on the inside, very good overall. And you can use your 1-1 voucher, what a steal!

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a perfectly balanced cup of tea, pear sweetness, and tea fragrance! You also get bits of pear throughout which is nice. I am already excited to come back and try their other creations! Use your beyond voucher for 1 for 1 drink deal!

chicken has a nice char on the outside and extremely juicy and flavorful on the inside, and the hot sauce makes this dish even better! I also really liked the coleslaw for its creaminess yet lightness, goes very well with the chicken!

this old school wantan mee stall was previously located at the hollywood theatre before it got dismantled. Now it’s located at the haig road food centre. A very wholesome and yummy bowl of wantan mee, you will not be disappointed. This bowl delivers on all fronts from noodles, sauce, char sew, wantans, and even soup broth!

wonderful environment with very friendly staff. Two of us shared this three musketeers toast set and it was perfect for sharing!

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Fishballs are bouncy, tender, and very fresh! Although it’s better than most fish all places, don’t think it’s worth the long queue

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you wouldn’t expect a fried chicken joint in this mall but it’s worth a visit! The chicken is crunchy, juicy, and dressed with a nice seasoning. Cole slaw is good too! I would skip the bread next time, kind of dry.