Got the Minced Pork rice with chicken leg set, ala carte is $10-12 but with set its a $15 ish

Jolly pong coffee was rly special, cost is ard $6, tasted great i felt it was worth it, the toppings on top are cereals. Bought also a mentaiko rose pasta, inside it is cherry tomatoes and sauce is very thick and creamy, ideal for creamy pasta lovers. Pasta cooked well

$2.50 at Vivo, the staff is a really cute and friendly korean uncle who reminded me that its still hot and to be careful. HAVE TO EAT IT WHILE ITS HOT if not theres no cheese string tbh

From typical food court japanese stall, but it’s so far the best food court japanese food i have eaten, pretty ex but considering its mbs its alright i guess. Crispy chicken, rice is warm and moist

At Zhen Hui Zhu, i bought the mee hoon kuay the soup is so warm and fresh, worth trying. Service is great too

Pretty good, but food was quite dry, but the juice was good, service is good

Service is good, store is called zhen neng zhu at the food court, its only ard $6-7 affordable considering its mbs

Felt the steak could have more side dishes but overall pretty good, got a medium, one is $24 excluding drinks

Japanese curry rice from the japanese stall, Curry is way to watery to be curry. Cost is 7.90, not really good tbh rather disappointed

Really filling and atmosphere is great as service is good too. The waffles aren’t dry and are crunchy enough, got a bluemoon too which was great

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Ideal for students as student price is only $12-15 on weekdays lunch inclusive of gst. Service is ok, the lime juice is great i kept asking for it, they didn’t have a lot of pasta such as carbo but had black pepper pasta. But they didn’t have the air suction and it made our clothes and hair smell like bbq, however will return

It’s not bitter at All and not too sweet as well, price is $2.90 which is reasonable for mbs