GOOD. 😍 Couldn't resist eating 2 at once 😂 Thank you 👦 for the surprise delivery :")

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Slow cooked pork shoulder was sufficiently moist, tender and sweet :) Apple cidar hollandaise gave a stark and refreshing contrast!


Sourdough toasts with cyprus haloumi, guacamole, dukkah, Greek yogurt and perfectly poached eggs 🍳

Tried their yam orh nee, matcha and speculoos gelato which were great though a tad sweet. Waffles were average~ Still they have really interesting flavours like salted egg yolk too!

Super milky and creamy! Only for cheese lovers 😊 Strong scent of truffle too :)

Huge portion and we loved the fries!


Portion was huge and prawns were fresh!


Salmon & pork ribs with tiramisu latte! Food was average, salmon was dry but portion was huge :) Pork ribs came with too much sauce and it got a bit overwhelming towards the end. Service and ambience was great 😊


Gochujang rice waffles, kimchi coleslaw, beef bulgogi and a poached egg. Savoury waffles done right 😊 didn't enjoy the stringy beef though!

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Black velvet waffles with matcha ice cream. Really crispy and delicious, I would order an additional scoop of ice cream next time haha

Wayyyy too oily and the fried chicken had more batter than meat :(

The best dish that afternoon :) Pork belly eggs ben with salted egg yolk hollandaise. Didn't taste any salted egg yolk but the pork belly was well marinated and went well with the buttery hollandaise and English muffins.