We ordered Assembly Brunch ($23) and Truffle-scented mushroom & Egg Pizza ($24). Their portion is really big that we couldn’t finish actually especially the pizza. Both tastes really good especially the pizza with the runny egg 🤗. We chose smoked salmon for the brunch, the portion is really generous! The mushroom is a little dry for my likings but the portion is huge too. We also ordered Ice mocha ($6.50), it has a stronger coffee taste.

Bought the All-in Brekkie ($19) and French Toast ($17) one for one deal with burpple beyond. It is quite worth for the portion. Had to queue for more than 30mins for indoor sitting. Love the caramelised banana, but the salted caramel sauce was a little too sweet for me. American Breakfast set will never go wrong :) I like the ice mocha ($7) more than ice matcha latte ($6.50).

They only have this 2 cakes for burpple beyond one for one discount. The ambient is nice as there are not a lot of people. The butterscotch latte doesn’t really have butterscotch taste. The cheesecake is also quite average. But it is quite worth for the price and the size of the cake!
Cake $6.90
Butterscotch Latte $5.50


Honestly think that the crab and lobster pasta is overpriced for the amount of crab and lobster they add in. Red devil pasta didn’t expect it to taste more asian fusion soup pasta. The seafood broth is very flavourful and there are a lot of seafood in it which makes it super worth the price. Both of the pasta are $28 each. I think overall it is worth for the 1 for 1 burpple beyond deal.