Alert: Unlike what's stated on the burpple beyond page, one-for-one diners actually have to order from a different, more restricted menu. Also we were forced to top up for drinks when using one for one. Felt very scammy.

Food was not bad, the katsu is very well breaded and crispy, but the high price point ($34 after GST) coupled with above-mentioned dodgy practices is a huge turn off. Not coming back again.


TBH I was rather bummed out to be given and charged a large bowl when I actually ordered a small one, which was a $10 difference.

At least the bowl was enjoyable though. The beef is thinly sliced and soft, and well complemented by the runny onsen egg and generous serving of sauce on the rice.

However I'm not rich and the additional $10 still hurts the pocket >.

There is an ongoing promotion where you can order one main dish of the day (different dish on different days of the week) and to up $1 to get another dish of the same value or less.

We came on a Wednesday and ordered the double spice chicken (dish of the day) and it was awesome; every bite was bursting with flavor! The portion is also generous, enough to feed 2.

It is rather expensive at $26.50 though so it's hardly on the affordable side unless you top up the $1 to get the second dish to be shared among 3-4 people

The Hawaiian pizza is fluffy and topped with a generous serving of tasty cheese and fellow ingredients. Definitely worth a visit and the wait!


Generous portion of chicken in xiang la (fragrant spicy) gravy.
True to its name, the gravy is indeed fragrant and spicy. Highly recommended.
You can also order some side dishes to dip into the gravy like you would a hot pot.
Service is great here too!

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They cod fish was very juicy yet lightly favored. Portion was rather small but I enjoyed it overall.


Generous scoops of ice cream for $4.90. I especially liked their stracciatella and tiramisu 😋

A plate of tasty pork skewers that came in various flavors and combinations - enoki mushroom, cherry tomato, miso etc.
Overall very delicious but very pricey too. Should definitely try if you have the 1 for 1

The beef short ribs were very soft and tender, and the red wine dip has a pretty strong taste too. Portion was rather small though. Still good for value if you have the 1 for 1 👍