Ok, I know Kopi & Tarts is clearly not a noodle stall, but at $4.50, their noodles are simple yet delicious and the broth is as good as those in hawker centres. Definitely worth a try for a cheap meal in shopping malls.

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A cheese-baked pasta with an exotic mix of seafood within. $8.90 might be expensive, but not if you are using fave vouchers which provide 40% discount :)

Made with a pork rib soup broth infused with a whiff of fresh prawns, this prawn noodles is not the typical one you would find in other hawker centres. At an affordable price of $5, it is definitely worth a try.

Tender cajun chicken burger accompanied with potato salad and onion ring for only $8.30!
The portion was enough to keep me full the entire afternoon 😁

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Located on the 2nd floor of 49 Duxton Road, this cafe provides a quick escape from the noises of the CBD area. With pastas in the $15-20 range, it may be quite a damage.

I tried the Roasted Almond Latte and no doubt, it was one of the best almond coffee I have ever tried.

This awesome tasting sweet and sour pork rice comes with a soup and costs only $5.80!

The porridge was going at $5.95 with a 50% discount which was value for money. I did not ask for the snacks but the staff served it to me at the start. The exorbitant prices of the snacks was horrible.

Remember to ask the staff to not serve snacks if you do not wish to be charged an extra 6.40+10%+7%!

By far the most value-for-money bibimbap I have ever eaten. For just $4.50, the Bibimbap comes with a soup, kimchi and fried anchovies!

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Located along Jurong West Avenue 1 under Blk 458, this small cafe can be easily missed.

This carbonara pasta was the most value-for-money at $5.90.

However, waiting time may be an issue if a foodpanda order comes along as the chefs prioritise outside deliveries.

Decided to try the Almond Coffee since it sounded special, a little overpriced though.

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Managed to get this cheap and awesome plate of spaghetti at just $5.90! This cafe is definitely a place to visit for good food in the west.

However, drinks are expensive ranging from $4.80-6.80. Overall, this is a place worth visiting :)