Free flow pork lard ! Really delicious hokkien mee. Very flavourful sauce. Thought would love it if it's wetter.

Lost of chicken! Chicken is freshly fried and has super crispy skin on the outside. Curry is also vey good. Thick and nice.

The pancake batter is supposedly a healthy one. Indeed it does taste different from other pancakes I tasted ! Not as sweet but it's nice.

Demi glace sauce was very good! We added the cheese sauce and they made the cheese in front of you! So cool service.

Pancakes very special. Soft and delicious, not sure what batter they use but it is very nice. Salted caramel had special taste too. Not the typical salted caramel you have outside

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Came with quite alot of bacon. Quite decent agio olio. Love it !

Freshly fried stuff wing with either Nasi Lemak, Salted Egg Prawn, Mac and Cheese or Nonya Curry.

I think the Mac and Cheese one was pretty interesting. Cheese was great and matches very well with the crispy skin wing.

Another nice one will be the Nasi Lemak stuffed wing. Fragrant coconut rice inside the wing smells really great! Recommended to try to everyone !

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Asked the staff there for a recommendation and never regretted it ! My first time trying Calzone and it was amazing! It is like a pizza puff.

The cheese they used on their pizzas and of course the Calzone is amazing! Tasted really great with lots of ham and some pineapple inside.

Order anything with their cheese at Green Mustard and you will be amazed !

The burger was AMAZING! There was also one unusual drink offered here, I think it was blue lemonade, something special to try.

Service was excellent as usual in the Philippines. The beef was juicy! Literally, I could see the juices flowing when I squeezed the burger. The cheese was flowing. Crazy !

Fries were well salted and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

Tried their dessert too, fried mars with ice cream. First time trying such fried dessert. The mars bar was melting delicious with its fried coating.

Would definitely come back if I visit Cauayan City again in the future.

Shakey's Pizza at NAIA Airport. Service was excellent. However, fries was pretty soggy not sure why. But garlic flavor still maintained so I guess it was okay.

Tried their milkshake too. It was great! Good for people who love sweet drinks. It was very very sweet, which I liked alot.

Wow they really gave a huge portion of the ha cheong gai chicken ! The chicken was not bad. Had some crispy bits from the frying. For this price, I would say it is pretty worth it.