England style🇬🇧fish and chips shop.
Order first and grab seats. Then they will call the number. It's really big potion. Awesome taste!!!
👛Price $16.5 (drink excluded)

Reasonable + Volume Japanese ramen.
This shop's owner is Japanese.
So the service is great and speedy.
location : 180 Kitchener Road #04-18 City Square mall.

👛About $12: set menu comes with miso soup.
Lunch filled me up.
※Order by all touch panel. It's pretty smooth to serve!!

This is very famous and special gyoza!!!!
Outside is crispy and inside is so juice.
I forgot the price but it's reasonable.


SG$1.3=¥120 very pricy👛convenient🥛
Teh is very famous singapore hot/ice drink(milk tea).
You can choose "having here" or "take away".

Take a break☕️🥞
It's very good for light breakfast or coffee break.
Kaya butter bans are soft and sweet. I love it.

Roasted chicken with congee. About $10.
It's so yummy and reasonable price.
Before you eat, please add soy source!!!
There are lots of variety of menu. love it.
location: 233 Victoria St, bugis.
It's not in Bugis+.

special beef pho$9.9+salted vietnam lemonade $2.5
It's really delicious!! Highly recommend!!
This is real Vietnams restaurant and style.
But they don't have any strong smell. So there are lots of foreigners there too.

Lunch time: SG25$ Soup & Sandwich set. Select one soup from ●today's soup ●tomato based soup ★mushroom soup. For sandwiches,there are 4 to 5 different choices and you can choose your bread type as well. The sandwich is very big and I recommend you to choose the soft bread. Otherwise it will be difficult to eat:p

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Cream sauce based,truffle flavored and mushrooms make this meal a delight. Smells and tastes are excellent. If you are very hungry, please take this menu. Price is SG23$.

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Thick cut fries, egg,sausage with salsa sauce.Tastes good!!!! It's big plate. So please share it:p ⚠️This restaurant doesn't have thin cut French fries.

Good for starters🍴🍷Inside dining, great place for a date or having a group dinner.