200g wagyu beef ms8 patty, truffle mayo, gorgonzola, golden abalone mushroom, arugula, served with a generous portion of curly fries

the thick, juicy wagyu patty paired well with the well-seasoned abalone mushrooms and distinct truffle aroma from the mayo. makes for a tasty burger great for sharing and not messy as it was easy to slice through!

mango chicken, cucumber, tomato, hard boiled egg, optional sour cream ($6.50)

the quesadilla was nicely crisp and the portion was just right. worth ordering again

soya sauce chicken noodles ($6), soya sauce chicken hor fun ($6) and fried salt and pepper tofu ($3.80)

food came in fairly large portions and did not taste oily despite the exorbitant amount of oil on the plate... the chicken was smooth and tender, the saucy noodles had a good bite and the tofu was crispy and well-seasoned!

quite pricey considering the small portion (see size of spoon for reference) but nonetheless enjoyable. genki’s mentaiko never disappoints and this satisfied my mentaiko craving!

tasted like Hershey’s cookies & cream white chocolate, i could barely taste the pistachio

combo B: mushroom soup + thai sweet chicken popiah + hot green tea ($9.80)

food is slightly pricey without the burpple deal

i love their food because it’s very light and great if you’re looking for a quick bite. the herbaceous soup stood out the most to me as it was flavourful despite having a relatively thin consistency

the pancake was crispy and superbly flavourful with generous chunks of fresh seafood (prawns, squid). the jjajangmyeon is the must-order dish with its spot-on black bean sauce and addictively chewy noodles.

the order also came with free side dishes (hard boiled eggs, kimchi, etc), water and a melona ice cream per person.

highly recommend this place if you’re looking for authentic and tasty Korean cuisine (though do be prepared to queue for some time)!!


miso salmon carbonara ($8 nett after using 50% off burpple deal)

salmon was cooked well but the sauce was clumpy and slightly cloying. there are better carbonaras in sg but this is a worth a try if u’re in the area! the food was served very quickly and the portion is filling.

poached eggs, canadian bacon, pork and fennel sausage, white pudding, sweet potato hash, sautéed mushrooms, dad’s baked beans, grilled tomato and toasted brioche ($28)

a hearty classic that can’t go wrong!! try their scrambled eggs too they do it really well

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avocado, grilled asparagus spears, poached eggs wrapped with norwegian smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce and salmon pearls on whole-wheat brioche ($28)

all the flavours went well together and the brioche was especially toasted perfectly. everything was to die for!! it’s safe to say that i’ll be back again for more 🥺

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lunch set: miso mushroom noodles, smoked duck dumplings and lychee osmanthus tea ($11.20++ with burpple 30% off at this outlet)

the noodles were amazing, definitely a safe option if you like mushrooms!! the smoked duck dumplings didn’t quite appeal to me as they were more sweet than savoury. nevertheless, they were generous with the amount of smoked duck inside the dumplings. as for the tea, it was fragrant and had lychee bits inside. overall very worth it with or without the burpple deal. i would try their fried pierogis and dessert dumplings when i revisit!! do make a reservation before heading down as it gets crowded.