$40 for 2 pax with beyond. Wagyu burger was ok ok. Not really worth $24. Crabmeat pasta was fishy. Its just no no taste. Service is slow considering there is no one else except us. We need to press the bell many2 times even just to get the menu. I wont recommend this place

Tried beef bulgogi and crabmeat rice ball. $10.90 each. I would say its very mediocre and to my opinion, its not good value. Glove is provided to mix the rice and making it into rice balls. The kimchi is below average.

Nice ambience at big park. Nice place to go for a walk on sunday morning. Many cafes in the area. This place open at 8.30am. Food is mediocre and abit pricey. The waffle come with ice cream which may not be great for breakfast on rainy day. Egg benedict was bland and the sauce a little bit too sour. The coffee is very tiny for $7++. Only last for a few sip. Not a place i would revisit for breakfast.

Food are ok ok only. Nothing special. Nothing great. Menu has quite limited choice. Come with 1 piece of mentaiko prawn. Service is horibly slow. Some item only come after 30 mins of waiting. There is 15% discount for payment by cash or paynow. Drink and dessert are not part of buffet.

The burgers are not great but worth trying with burple beyond if happened to be in the area. May not repeat.

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Creative with cheesecake. There are many flavors to try. Its worth with beyond. Without beyong maybe abit pricy coz the size is tiny. But it is packed in individual box.


Cant remember what i ordered. But this is the most expensive milk tea i ever had. Its about $7 each. The taste is not even close to what being sold in Taiwan. So dissapointing

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This place is a big no no for me. The food is not tasty and it is exaggerately high. Packing is styrofoam at 50cent each. I wont recommend

The ramen is so so only. The soup is unusually whitish with tinge smell/taste of frozen chicken. Not the best ramen i ever eat.


Visited this place sometime ago but recently visited the Jurong Point outlet. The ramen here is tasty and rich. There is different level of richness to choose. But the gyoza is not to my liking. It has strong gingery taste.

Hand stretch pizza with the right thickness cost $18 ish. Big range of tap beer. The place make me feel relax.

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This place always good in ruin dishes. Previous visit they dissapointed me with their super sour egg benefict prata. This time with soft and limpy paper thosai. Spent $15 for those on table. I wont recommend.

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