I ordered the fish & chip but did not like it because i find the batter slightly thick, however my friend love it so we switch, the pork tomahawk was so tasty!!!! I will definitely be going back to have the pork tomahawk again!

Order butter chicken with 1 for 1 and separately order garlic and butter naan to dip! Both naan was great but love the garlic naan the most! I really enjoyed my time there, staff were super friendly to chat with as well!

Sadly, burpurple menu prices were different from actual place, $10-15 more expensive at actual place. Food and service was good despite being crowded there. Had grass fed beef burger with fries is medium well and it was juicy! Fries was super good too! Order pork spagehtti (not on current burpurple menu), portion was big and tasted great too!

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Mediterranean Snapper was nice, slightly dry but to be honest for the price, zero complains! Fries was tasty! Truffle pork was great too, truffle sauce was put aside so you can choose not to dip it!

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