Was looking for a place to bring my girlfriend’s family for dinner, and this place is great for people who love duck and dim sum! Duck was crispy and flavourful, and the fried rice accompaniment was nice with the wok hei. Decently priced dim sum rounded of our lunch nicely.

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Let’s be fair. About 14 dollars for Nasi Lemak is expensive. Was it good? Yes! The chicken is amazing and the rice was fluffy and fragrant.

Is it better than some famous Nasi Lemaks, well, comparable. Price wise, no.

However, considering the location, it’s quite a decent price for a nice brunch or lunch option, and best when you want to bring foreign friends to eat local fare.

Drinks are slightly pricey IMO, and weren’t that good. Stick to the Nasi!

Great coffee. Sweet, strong, without acidity. Their blend here is worth a try and honestly I have a mild craving for it. Would definitely come back for the coffee!

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Pretty good! Usually head to the nearby yoga studio for Hatha, and this is great after to nourish yourself. Lots of cheese, some fresh avocado and the salad just cuts through the richness. No carbs tho, but overall worth a try. More like a one and done kinda dish as as good as it was I probably won’t be ordering it again (too jelat)


It is a little on the pricey side but the rice was extremely fragrant, and the chicken was generous and well done.
Nice to try at least once to see how it stacks up against your usual Kopitiam fare. Not the best, but pretty far up there! For tourists, this will definitely be an attraction.

As far as burgers go, this mushroom patty version of a BBQ burger’s really good! Plenty filling, and the BBQ sauce has a nice touch of smoke to it, while sill being full bodied and sweet.
Honestly one of my favourite burgers here!
Also, the student meal from 11:30 to 5:30’s pretty swell as you get a meal on top of your burger for free.


New menu item! Really juicy chicken with generous amounts of salted egg sauce drizzled on top. Basically a souped up, super moist Zinger. Twice the price but more than twice as good. Comes with wedges and also their special house made Chili sauce.

Honestly worth a try especially if you’re craving a good burger!

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Very interesting dining experience! Always had their traditional XLBs so this was an eventuality.

Honestly not all were star hitters but it’s something you should try once especially if you like their original XLB.

Personal favourites: the Foie Gras, and the Cheese.

The truffle one is hyped, but IMO, truffle should stay with Italian/western dishes.


Alright so the chicken collagen soup won’t best Beauty in the Pot (you get what you pay for) but for set lunches at 9.90++ per pax, why not?

They give a good selection of vegetables and meat with the set lunch that will leave you plenty full. The chicken collagen broth is so-so (I would not order it again as there is a surcharge of 3.90 for it), but the Mala soup is pretty decent.

The free sauces are also quite nice accompanied, especially their signature chilli.

Free flow drinks are an add-on at 0.60++ with every set purchased which is more than reasonable.

Really solid chendol. You can actually taste the pandan in these.

Will recommend the normal ones and the red bean variants! Also be warned they are really generous with the Gula Melaka here so be prepared for a sinful dessert.

Short of going to Malaysia, you cannot really get better chendol at this price in Singapore.


Really great creations by the chef! At $42++ for a set for two it was quite a deal for the ambience.

Food was good, I personally preferred the savoury treats to the sweet but they were all classic high tea items that were accented with a local twist. Really appreciated their take on Peking duck and Nasi Lemak.

Worth a try!! Good selection of TWG tea as well.

Well, the girlfriend loves oysters. And if yours does too, Angie’s is a great place for a date that won’t burn a hole in your pocket! The $1++ Fine De Clair oysters are pretty decent here, freshly shucked to order and presented on a stand.

The view is pretty much spectacular, and I argue that it’s better than the view from MBS. Pretty much because you can see MBS.

Come early cos the happy hour is from 6-8pm, and honestly, Mondays to Thursdays are best as it’s not too crowded.

We also ordered the $10 rose prosecco’s which was a pretty good price considering the view (I can say it is a legit sky bar) Try the beer paddles if you’re feeling indecisive.

Just be sure to check if the tables are clean (our outside patio table was covered in bird poop).