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From the Burpple community

Let’s have a lingering, loving look at Fat Fuku’s “Pork Belly Buah Keluak Nasi Biryani”.
Yes, it is a mouthful of a name but every word is necessary in conveying what this dish is - a literal melting pot of different races and cultures found in Singapore.
The pork belly that represents the Chinese as it is a meat the majority favours, is braised in a gravy of “buah keluak”, the black nut synonymous with Peranakan cooking till-fall-apart-tender. And although it smells just like a typical Indian Nasi Biryani, the fluffy rice of Annette’s version comes with an extra ingredient - a coating of the same said #buahkeluak.
Continuing the theme are the two condiments of ”achar” (pickled vegetables) and “sambal belacan” (fermented shrimp paste pounded with fresh chillies). Both of which have variations found across a couple of cuisines belonging to the main races in our country.


Running high risk of a public outcry when I say I’ve actually never been a fan of uni 😅 That is till I had the $98 Omakase (nett FYI) at Ryo Sushi. Pampered to the heavens and back with a range of uni dishes, paired with a variety of stellar ingredients. Their epic uni on uni on uni rice bowl (that’s uni-mixed rice, ikura, and a topping of 2 varieties of uni) is the last of the uni dishes we had, with uni-topped aburi ebi and the anything-but-plain uni roll among others we’ve tried earlier — pure indulgence. Thing is as shiok as uni is it doesn’t make everything instantly good. What made our meal at Ruo Sushi so memorable was how the chef expertly bring together quality ingredients with other well-executed components (their sushi rice is legit, possibly the best I’ve had here) to bring us dishes that are nothing short of mind-blowing. That, and their generosity, makes this omakase unlike any other I’ve tried.


Situated on the 32nd floor of the Westin Hotel, Seasonal Tastes is the signature in-house hotel restaurant, with a gastronomic buffet spread ranging from Asian to International dishes. Offering an Interative Kitchen where each chef is dedicated to a particular speciality, Seasonal Tastes is a top quality hotel buffet, with panoramic views of the surrounding Marina South and Marina Bay area. Ambience at Seasonal Tastes is simply fantastic with floor to ceiling length windows offering perfect views of the bay area, while decor is modern contemporary chic.
Food at Seasonal Tastes is generally high quality. You will need to budget about SGD $70 per person for the dinner buffet. #BurppleBestBuffets