From the Burpple community

1. Schnitzel
2. Pork chop
3. Beef tongue
4. Chicken casserole
5. Meat loaf
6. Sunday Roast Lamb
7. Neck chops
8. Shoulder chops
9. Beef stir fry, bok Choy and omelette
10. Family photo

My top favourites would be the tongue and the neck chops. Alas, both of which you can’t get in Singapore! Tongue maybe yes, I’ve only ever seen it once. But neck chops I’ve never ever seen it at the gourmet butchery, let alone supermarket. The coleslaw featured in a number of the photos use veggies from the garden!
We cooked no 9! And I fried the omelette in a pot (not a frying pan)

One of the things we like to do while in holiday is have fish and chips by the beach!