From the Burpple community

Bennett’s is located in the Original Farmers Market and have been proudly serving homemade ice cream since 1963. They’ve got a wide range of ice cream flavours, as well as fat-free soft serves, Bennett cones, chocolate dipped bananas and more.

I tried a few of their ice cream flavours - the pistachio (which tasted so artificial and gross), the Fancy Nancy (a mix of coffee ice cream and bananas with caramel which was really good!), but settled on their Choffee Choffee flavour which was chocolate and coffee ice cream with chocolate covered toffee pieces. A single scoop goes for USD5.25 in a dish or cone, but the more scoops you buy, the cheaper it gets. So it’s much more worth it to buy two or three scoops.

The Choffee Choffee isn’t too sweet. You can taste both the coffee and chocolate in the mixture, and there’s the toffee bits inside which add some delightful crunchiness. Overall, Bennett’s ice cream is pretty thick and creamy. It does melt quite fast, so as their slogan goes - life is short, lick fast. I’d definitely recommend trying some of their ice creams though - you can even go for their Cabernet Sauvignon sorbet if you’re in a boozy mood, or take their fat-free soft serves for a guilt-free option.