Truffle Fries

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For starters we ordered truffle fries, mid wings, grilled squid, vegetarian flat bread and sea bass croquettes. True to the waiter's recommendation, the sea bass croquettes were realy good. Crispy on the outside, moist and flavorful inside, no fishy smell at all. The rest of the starters are ok, grilled squid is not too bad but we left it too long so by the time we ate its cold and a little too chewy.
For the mains, we ordered pork schnitzel, a little too tough, dry and compact, its more like chinese fried pork chops sat on a bed of mash and peas! Yuck! Peas..sorry..pass.. My colleague who is a veg said the mushroom risotto is good.. creamy and light.
The berries cheesecake was ok but the greentea cake tasted like a few days old, dry, a little stale and cloying sweet. The sorbert with papadum was good.. i meant what can go wrong with icy stuff but creative..papadum on a sorbert!!!

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Although a tad too salty for me, I was addicted to the fragrance of the truffle oil and delicious cheesy flakes! Can someone make a perfume out of this, please? 😍 #porticosg #portico #trufflefries

Thumbs up to this fries. I was reading through dayre when i chanced upon these. I could say these places has excellent customer services and quality food. It was a great experience here. Loving their churros too :))