Cempedak Spring Rolls

RM15.00 · 8 Reviews

These are good. These are very good. Made fresh, Fat Spoon takes super ripe cempedak and wrap it in spring roll skin and fry it to a perfect crisp. 🤤 It goes very nicely with the vanilla ice cream that it's served with - but I could quite happily eat it on its own.

👍🏼 Gimme moar!

Crispy and sweet Cempedak rolls and vanilla ice cream, hot and cold at the same time. Pretty good combination:) and and.. their ulam fried rice and claypot loshufan were not bad too!

Highly recommended dessert ! Cempedak spring roll ! One is not enough 😏

Ulam fried rice with curry // Ulam Angel Hair Pasta // Cempedak Spring Roll. The spring roll is the bomb!! However I think people who dislike coriander will not like the other two dishes :/


Fat Spoon has been recreating traditional food from as far back as I can remember. A cafe unlike any other, the classic oriental-modern look exudes a sense of a local childhood hangout. Many diners will be tempted by the Cempedak (Jackfruit) Spring Roll, but it's the Ulam Fried Rice that matters.

This is sooooo good! With ice cream? Even better!