KL's Cafés

KL's Cafés

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Trisha Toh
Trisha Toh

Not strictly a breakfast place but they do a mean classic fry up of eggs, sausages, mushroom, hash brown and beans in tomato sauce with toasts on the side. The space is trendy, the portions are large (a peek at my neighbour’s Beefy Burger looks quite a-filling) — the food doesn’t blow your mind but it sure does fill up the stomach. For non-coffee lovers, the Hojicha latte will warm you straight up this rainy season.


Not kidding. You can get your latte or Americano fix here for a flat RM5! Whether you're after a post-lunch meet talkin' compliance issues or just a pick-me-up, on-the-go, you might want to pop your head in here. And for a price like that, the coffee ain't too shabby.


Vibes is a little slice of heaven for those with a big appetite but on a small budget. Serving up comfort western and local food below the RM25 mark sure is a bargain in my books. I was told to try their Signature Nasi Lemak (RM13.9) and Chicken Wraps but I was too early (lunch starts at 12pm). Thankfully they’ve got tempting breakfast meals such as the Big Breakfast (RM22.9) pictured here and coffee to go along with the quiet, almost tranquil, vibes.


Housed in a 30-year-old shop lot of Jalan Batai, this 40-seat neighbourhood eatery is a committed farm-to-table restaurant that encourages and supports sustainable food practices. Sitka relies on traditional ingredients made with modern techniques, drawing inspiration from Copenhagen, Barcelona and London. Flock here for Sitka's daily deli meals with highlights that include lobster roll with squid ink bun and delicious crispy liver sandwich. By night, the Damansara storefront aims to transform into a supper club three nights a week but fans may have to wait a little while longer as the chef works to perfect the dinner menu. For now, Sitka runs from 9am to 6pm daily with weekday mornings being the quietest – perfect to savour a warm pastry and a cup of Joe.


In a small streetfront, this hidden gem serves some of the meanest brunch options. Mukha’s extensive menu draws inspirations from the Arabian Peninsula and down under, for prices that can’t be beat. Ogle at the beautiful handwritten menu on the walls of the café and try to resist from ordering everything.

Unpretentious and simple, don’t be put off by its humbleness in decoration. Standing Theory is the place to be for the perfect marriage of delicious coffee and hearty food. Don’t get me started with the cakes. The range draws from Red Velvet to Lemon Poppyseed and they are the best versions of classics you can get.

Bakery by day, restaurant by dusk, there is so much story and character at The Kitchen Table. This handsome nook evokes a sense of kinship from the moment one enters through the glass door. Communal tables are de rigueur and window seats are often quickly booked during the day. This whitewashed facade’s ever-changing menu highlights fresh and local produce, and continues to impress with their simple yet comforting food delivered with finesse.

If you ever find yourself homesick, head to PULP opened by Singapore’s very own Papa Palheta. Follow the genius minds behind Chye Seng Huat and Loysel’s Toy, and fans will rejoice at the location of this invasion. Buy one coffee and go home with a free paper printing education, JACKPOT!

When life gives you Nutella bao, you shout 'REALLY?!' and rush to TLB first thing in the morning. Just make sure it's over the weekend. Cafe opens as early as 8am with other breakfast alternatives on standby (sandwiches, croissant and cakes) while lunch is served 11:30 onwards (menu rotates daily). This goes without saying that the coffee is quintessential and the long red tea works like a charm, any given day.

Following the tunes of Norah Jones' 'Come Away With Me', food and music lovers in the know are often found loitering at this young and bustling cafe. Try the excellent brunch menu (most plates come with a generous serving of salad on the side) and be sure to save some room for their delectable homemade doughnuts.

Coffee lovers and plain cafe enthusiasts are often found loitering at this cafe. A major player in KL's coffee wars, Artisan Roast keeps its game plan a notch higher with the art of good, quality coffee ever since its inception a few years back. Their mini chocolate bars are an excellent accompaniment to your coffee. Otherwise, a cup of well made Varlhona-based mocha does the trick too.

Fat Spoon has been recreating traditional food from as far back as I can remember. A cafe unlike any other, the classic oriental-modern look exudes a sense of a local childhood hangout. Many diners will be tempted by the Cempedak (Jackfruit) Spring Roll, but it's the Ulam Fried Rice that matters.


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