Special Chirashi Set

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This looks a sashimi platter, but is in fact a chirashi don with an overflowing selection of premium seafood, available only on certain days when they fly in their seafood. Quite a steal for the price, given the quality (otoro and uni!), and also that it comes with complimentary chawanmushi and ice cream. Only issue with the food was that the fish were cut too thick, and that there was so much sashimi, it didn't taste as fresh nearing the end of the meal as it did when served. Also, pity the lacklustre service. #addictions #foodgasm #foodporn #burpple

In my opinion, really not worth the extra dollars, normal chirashi is good enough. >> @kuoks
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Step into two-week-old Manzoku and one will recognize it from sister establishment Chikuwa Tei. It's almost like déjà vu—even the layout's the same. Quality fares just as well—no surprise there.

The menu is extensive, but it's hard to say no to chirashi. Especially when it looks like this. Thick, fresh, luscious slabs of hamachi toro, tai, otoro, mekajiki, kanpachi, hotate, salmon roe and uni sashimi are carefully laid over a bed of sushi rice, each tasty grain cooked to retain just enough bite to prevent it from being mushy.

It's delicious, really, but at $68 (for a set), we reckon we'd probably be opting for the chirashi don ($25) on its own if we make it back.