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Salted Egg Taters

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We did our homework by checking burrple review.So we've aimed to order the burger. But it was not in the Brunch menu 😥😭
We opted for Egg & Smoked Salmon + Salted egg fries + Calamari Salted egg
Food Review : Poached egg & croissant was delish! But the smoked salmon a bit tad salty
The salted egg fries is good.I still think it's better with ketchup/chilli sauce but the shop has a kinda "no-sauce policy" (I also wish we could order the tater-tots instead)
Calamari was okay to my liking
Ambience : Cozy and really nice to hang-out ❤
Overall rating : 3.5/5
Advice is to try come for later instead


(1) Salted Egg Fries (2) Truffle Fries (3) Price: $11 each (4) Rate: 5/5 because they are to die for!!


Wilder is a newly-opened halal cafe serving delicious cafe foods. Expect things like Salted Egg Taters and Wilder's Beef Burger with Homemade Buns which are all Wilder's take on classic cafe foods. Please read my review at www.hungryghost.sg