Matcha Milk (Hot/Cold)

$5.50 · 6 Reviews

Truffle Mac'n Cheese 🍴 Tastes so good with truffle and its filling. We had spam fries too, but kinda disappointing because its too thin, overly crispy and can only taste the saltiness. Mentaiko pasta was great whcih my friend had. The matcha milk was good with cute latte art. No coffee at night only certain drinks and craft beer and some alcoholic drinks at night, which is something to note and breakfast sets ends at 5pm. The prices are reasonable and comforting for a rainy day.

I absolutely love this place and would definitely come back because 1. A great amount of variation to choose from (which is also bad cause I couldn't make up my mind!!) 2. The ambience is just right 3. Service was pretty good even though they only had 2 servers!

Should have gotten the savory pancakes cause I felt it was too sweet for my morning. But overall it tasted pretty decent! Priced at: 11.80$

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