Omi Wagyu Japanese Sukiyaki

$130.00 Β· 2 Reviews

Omi oh my! This right here is some mighty serious indulgence for beef lovers β€” just look at the amazing marbling of this marvel! 😍😍😍
Dip a sheet of this prized protein into the simmering sweet and umami sukiyaki broth, and then dunk it into the beaten (sashimi-grade) egg to give it a creamy, velvety coat and to temper the flavour-heavy broth.
Take your time to savour each and every bite that will bring you to your knees then let it glide down your throat with ease. 😍

Don't be too quick to belittle the modest-looking basket of veggies as it's filled with superb Japanese produce to complement the beef, including a fluffy piece of marshmallow-like tofu (one is not gonna be enough!).
Make sure you also opt for the additional Sukiyaki Rice ($12) β€” imagine the intensified sukiyaki broth with extra punches from the poached beef and veggies' essence with egg sitting on a bed of rice and finished with a confetti of truffle shavings!

While this is from the dinner menu, you can request this during lunch if the Premium Sukiyaki Set ($58) isn't baller enough for you/the occasion.