Pork Chop and Scallop Paella

$22.00 ยท 1 Review

Striking in presentation, the Pork Chop and Scallop Paella is one of the signature dishes I got to try at the soft launch of the new "Pim Pam by FOC".
The very thin layer of chewy rice with little blobs of garlic mayo, contains a hint of sweetness from being cooked with poached onions and tomatoes. This differentiates it from the savoury, umami Squid Ink and Saffron paellas that FOC on Hongkong Street is famous for. I found the reasonably large scallops fresh and succulent but do note the little pieces of pork are on the bone, so be careful not to accidentally bite hard into them.

Address: Pim Pam by FOC
422 Orchard Road, #01-29

The restaurant faces the main junction of Orange Grove Road and Orchard Road. It's the one with the curved green-framed glass facade.