Longan Taufu

RM4.00 · 1 Review

Nestled in Pandan Indah, this traditional dessert parlour is the perfect pitstop to combat the torrid weather. Soon Kee's menu features a variety of ingredients, including the lavish names in Ginseng and Snow Frog or frog fallopian tubes (RM12) and Cordyceps and Snow Frog (RM14). If you haven't had the chance, this is the time to attempt the more exotic picks as these highly nutritious bowls are not widely sold in KL. There are also plenty choices for the conservative — the Herbal Jelly (RM8) is known to soothe the throat, while Longan Taufu (RM4) remains the shop's bestseller for its light sweetness. Desserts here are made fresh daily, and you can choose to sit in for a quick refreshment or take off with their readily packed containers to enjoy the cooling treat back home.
Avg Price: RM10
Photo by Burppler Emily Choong