Dolsot Bibimbap

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Generous portion of assorted veggies on top of a bed of Korean purple rice, sauce came at the side so you can add however much you want! Especially liked the charred rice at the side of the bowl which was very fragrant

Ordered the dolsot bibimbap ($9.90) and kimchi pancake ($3.90). The dolsot bibimbap tasted mediocre but it is definitely a healthy option! Comes with the option of cheese or soya. The cheese made it taste a little odd but interesting. Kimchi pancake is too oily and it tasted more like cheese pancake than kimchi pancake. Note: they were very stingy with the side dishes (ๅฐ่œ) that is usually given for free and in abundance in typical Korean resturant. No gst and no service charge (you have to pay at the counter first, collect your own cutleries, and grab your own cups)
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Bibimbap with just the right amount of spicyness! Leave it as it is for a few minutes for that crusty cripsy rice from the hot stone bowl, would've preferred more veggies but other than that 8/10! ($9.90)


Boneless indeed! No animal has suffered for this tasteful meal. A very spicy bibimbap, complete with crunchy rice, a saucy jajangmyun (which wasn't too salty) and a miso stew ramen. Had a feast at the only vegetarian Korean joint in Singapore! The kimchi pancakes were delicious too.

This is the Bibimbap ($9.90) that my friend ordered. you can choose to have spicy or non-spicy base which is the cheese. really good. place does not charge gst.

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First time having the vegetarian version! ๐Ÿ˜„

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