Pulled Pork Sandwich

$5.80 · 2 Reviews

OUT OF THE WORLD COMFORT FOOD!!!!! One of the signatures of The Backyard Bakers is this signature pulled pork sandwich which was huge on flavours. The pulled pork is stewed for hours and the beef essence just melted in with the cheese, onions and break, it’s a party in the mouth. Highly recommended.

Not a huge fan of pulled pork (I don’t mind it but I don’t absolutely lurrrve it), but this pulled pork sandwich looks so amazing on IG, I knew I had to try it some day. And my lucky day came when Julius and I asked for the next day’s breakfast menu, and it was THIS pulled pork sandwich ($5.80)!

Left to cook overnight, the pork nicely shreds into little bits. Complementing it is caramalized onions and cheese!! Is there a better combination that that? It was SO good, I swear Julius finished it before he reached the first traffic junction which was just 20 steps away.