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From the Burpple community

Underneath hides a bed of fresh fruit, including bananas, apples and watermelon. I know it's just muesli with yogurt but it was all very comforting.

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Our post-trek feast. Featuring the banana flower salad and fresh spring rolls again.

Served with crusty bread and mustard. Can't get over how homely everything here tastes 😍

The bamboo rice was so fun to eat - tightly packed and perfumed with the woody scent of bamboo, slightly crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. It may have been glutinous rice. The grilled pork is consistently good here - lean, firm and fresh off the farm 😳

Freaking delicious because it's a beautiful blend of so many flavours, yet it's so light and clean. Our favourite was their liberal use of perilla. Dipped in fish sauce in chilli padi.

We had this every morning. It's not like those in the city (MSG, rich stock), but a light, clear broth that's generously sprinkled with spring onions and lots and lots of white pepper. When it's a cold morning in the mountains, this is exactly what you need.