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Eggslut has such an egg-centric menu that it’s a must-visit for anyone who loves eggs. We tried their specialty dish - the Slut (USD9) and the Fairfax sandwich with bacon (USD7.50 + USD2.50) which were both amazing and made for a hearty and delicious breakfast. The total for both dishes with tax came up to USD20.81.

If you’re an Eggslut, make time to visit and queue at one of their stalls in LA.

Eggslut’s Signature and specialty item - the Slut. An unabashedly bold and creative dish of coddled eggs atop smooth potato purée. All cooked in a glass jar topped with gray salt and chives, and served with with slices of baguette drizzled with olive oil.

You’ll see dozens of the Sluts being cooked in a sous vide water bath right behind the cashier counter, and almost everyone orders at least one of these. The jars are hot! And you’re instructed to mix thoroughly before consuming so that the egg mixes into the purée, giving rise to a unique creamy egg purée texture. It’s beautifully flavoured, but not so instagrammable after being mixed. You can eat the Slut mixture right off the spoon, or pair it with the baguette provided. I love the nutty taste of the olive oil drizzled on the baguette slices, and they are perfect for slapping on the Slut mixture for some ‘stuff on bread’, but also good on their own.

Overall a very interesting and tasty dish that I would like to replicate on my own! A bit pricey at USD9 given the small serving size, but worth splashing out for.

The queue at Eggslut is long and never-ending. We took about 40 minutes to queue and get our food, but damn it was worth it. The Fairfax was our choice of sandwich, which comes with cage-free soft scrambled eggs with chives, caramelised onions, cheddar cheese and sriracha mayo in a warm brioche bun. We added on bacon for $2.50 because who doesn’t love the classic bacon and eggs combination?!

The brioche bun was fantastically soft and fluffy. It also wasn’t too oily, and held up well with the ingredients. The people at Eggslut definitely know their eggs. The scrambled eggs were perfection, with the chives adding some sharpness to the creamy scrambled eggs. I loved the slight spice from the sriracha mayo, and the sweetness from the caramelised onions. Wish the cheese had melted more, but overall this was a great sandwich. By the time you’re done queueing for it, you’d probably have worked up an appetite so this will taste even better!

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