After writing up on lesser-known upscaled, “mid-scaled”, midtown, uptown funk gon’ give it to you (???) joints for a while, there was one place that I’ve always wanted to talk about and promote simple because of how accessible and amazingly delicious their dishes still remain to be. The Astons name is of course, no stranger to Singapore’s bustling chain restaurant scene. From its humble beginnings in 2005 as a western hawker stall helmed by the very man himself, Aston Soon, to a global empire with 11 brands and 35 outlets worldwide. Of course, with a business as expansive as that, it comes as no surprise that delicious food and good quality can be expected when dining at any Aston’s outlet. With a vast menu including most recognisable western favourites such as Pork Chops ($12.90) and Surf & Turf ($21.90), the food at Aston’s is affordable and positively consistent. Their Chargrilled Chicken ($10.90) is one simply delicious blueprint for their Grillworks Chicken menu, featuring succulent and juicy chicken with crispy skin. My personal favourite at Aston’s is their Fiery Chicken ($10.90), a spicy take on their Chargrilled Chicken that promises nothing less than a savoury, spicy chicken packed with flavour. Served with two complimentary sides from their menu, the Fiery Chicken stands as my favourite chicken dish in Singapore that I’ve come to have by the dozens.