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Only 4 items were valid on the menu, as all chicken and salmon dishes were unavailable on that day. As such, we could only order their prawn spaghetti and their signature beef bowl.

Unfortunately, both dishes were extremely dry. The prawn dish was almost tasteless (prob similar to the standard of my own cooking :p), and the prawns tasted strongly of frozen prawns, with the only plus point that they were quite large in size.

The beef bowl had lots of ingredients, but was also very dry overall. They provided a plum sauce for us to dip the beef in, but it would be better if the rice dish were served with a poached half cooked egg, instead of omelettes, or some nice gravy, to give some moisture to the entire dish.

Ambience was quiet and the staff were nice. Pricing was decent for the portion. However, with this food quality, I would not return again, unfortunately, as there’s a lot of other better food options in Upper Thomson

Thank you for your advice. Please visit us again to try out our improved version. You can drop us an email at [email protected] to book the dining date.