This is a smoked quail egg coated by crispy taro nest, topped with caviar.

Bo Innovation is a 2 Michelin Star restaurant from Hong Kong, though I don't trust the Michelin star guide from Hong Kong that much.

Nevertheless, the "molecular xiao long bao" is an interesting creation. It's basically a xiao long bao without skin. You just have to lightly burst through the thin layer to have the burst of xiao long bao soup, with a hint of ginger in that single mouthful. I'm curious how this is created!

The smoked quail egg with crispy taro was topped a a generous amount of caviar! This is a creative twist to the Hong Kong dim sum, the yam puff, which usually contains minced meat instead of quail egg. I don't think the caviar goes well with the more heavy tasting fried taro, but it definitely upped the atas factor of this dish.