Short review:
Rating: Between 1 - 10, a huge 20!
Food: Simple, comfort food with so many veg and non-veg options! We love their Chicken Masala, Chicken Curry and Mutton Curry! Tried their fish fry once - it was a little dry! Avoid Chicken 65 also - tiny pieces with no meat! But, this place is perfect for a late brunch on Sunday! You can forget eating for the rest of the day!
Service: Quick and efficient! Sometimes they serve too much rice so be careful
Price: Approx. 21 SGD (for 2 people which included: 2 leaf-sets + a plate each of Fish Fry, Chicken 65 and Chicken Masala + 2 pieces of the Indian sweets available at the checkout counter)

Long Review:
For a first-timer, ordering the food may be a little confusing! All you have to do is find a place for yourself and sit down (You may have to share your table during peak-hours, yes it gets that crowded) and WAIT! The servers would have already noticed you and would be busy preparing your plate (leaf?). The picture you see above, is what you get first! This is their standard meal set with white rice (unlimited portions) They have brown rice options too! Then either you can check out their menu before-hand (pasted on the door) or just wait for one of the servers to get a tray with most of the non-veg items in small bowls! Order what looks good and enjoyyyyyy! For a true comfort-food experience - feel free to use your hands!