The scrambled eggs were quite buttery and smooth. The cameralised onions add a little sweet taste to it, while the siracha mayonnaise gives it a little spicy kick. The brioche bun was soft and fluffy, and it was glazed well as it was quite shiny. This is definitely one of the best sandwiches here!

💰: $12
📈: 9/10

✨Bacon, Egg and Cheese✨
This tastes like an ordinary bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. They did not cook the ingredients differently or add a special sauce. Honestly, this was quite plain, even though it doesn’t taste bad.

💰: $12
📈: 7/10

✨Truffle Hashbrown✨
This hashbrown was really crispy and juicy, and the truffle taste was quite prominent. There were around 6 large pieces of hashbrown, hence it is actually quite worth it for that price. The inside was a little too mashed for me, so I was not a really big fan of this. It is still a decent hashbrown though!

💰: $4.50
📈: 8/10