i got the kooks signature lava set ($8.80) with the ferrero rocher ice cream (+$0.50) the cookie was rly soft and was served warm which complimented the ice cream rly well. taste super good when eaten tgt esp with the chocolate sauce that was oozing out of the cookie however, the cookie portion is pretty small which means that its a lil pricey and idk how ppl share 1 cuz thrs rly not much (or maybe i'm just a fatass that needs 1 by herself ) so i decided to order another one!!!! special mentions to the ferrero rocher ice cream flavour bc it was rly good and it paired rly well w the signature lava cookie (choc on choc!!!) so yup.. i still picked that same flavour for the 2nd cookie HAHAHA but would love to try another flavour next time!

ig: @janfatdiary