All-time favourite croissant bundle from @aliceboulangerie!

Featured in this box is the following flavours:
Lychee Raspberry Croissant
Peanut Butter Croissant
Pistachio Chocolate Croissant

The croissants are out of this world!!! They are so aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, and also super tasty! They are so well embellished with fillings on the inside! Buttery and flaky crispy croissants! Luxury croissants indeed! My favourite of the lot is the lychee raspberry croissant!!

This bundle box is selling at $18 on app or $7 for each croissant (note: there is no markup for the prices on pickupp app)!. Buying the bundle box is so much more worth it!. Use this promocode to get $5 off all your orders on ! The promo code can be used unlimited times for new and existing users! (effectively, delivery will be free for your order!)