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When you're too lazy to make your own tempura and too cheapo to go to a tendon restaurant... You go to a tempura stall in a food court! Pleasantly surprised at how delicious this was. Tempura was hit and miss but overall not bad considering that this is a food court. Anyway you can't really go too wrong with fried food! 😉 You can choose your tempura like Yong Tau Foo style, but it's all pre-fried, and then you choose a base dish (rice, udon, soba etc). Prices range from just around $5-$10+ depending on what base dish you get (rice at $1 vs curry soba at $6.50) and how much tempura you get. Some tempura is more worth it than others, some you know are straight from NTUC's freezer section. But if you're here eating tempura, that means you're too lazy to make it yourself, so you're just paying for the convenience of having people cook it for you.

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