Plus points for the fact that the staff would grill the meat for you hehe. Was slightly disappointed at the side dishes tho because was mostly veggie (not sure if they ran out of other stuff or if it’s on a rotational basis). Some dishes were sold out for the day too :( Recommend to head over for lunch instead for higher chances of menu variety!! Nevertheless, still a 10/10 place for Korean food😋
• Kkot Sal - beef ($38/160g)
• Haemul Pa Jeon ($35)
• Marinated Samgyupsal - Soy Sauce ($25)
• Marinated Samgyupsal - Spicy Sauce ($25)
• Sundubu Jjigae ($18)
• Japchae ($23)
• Peach Soju ($12)
• Rice ($2)