@sakabaigokochi Scallop & Avocado Tartare is insanely good value. This entire portion only cost me thirteen dollars before tax & service charge! Sliced avocado is absolutely smothered by an avalanche of diced scallop sashimi, topped with a spoonful of ikura (salmon roe), and sauced up with some soy sauce and some wasabi mayo if I remember correctly.⠀

The scallop was astonishingly fresh, proven by its soft & supple texture, and it was sweet & slightly savoury. The ikura literally pops in with bursts of briny, umami juices to flavour the mild tasting scallops. The avocado added creamy richness to the mild tasting shellfish, and despite my initial reservations, the combination of creamy avocado, ikura & fresh scallops actually panned out. The soy sauce & wasabi mayonnaise aided with this, as the salty soy sauce was the essential source of salinity, while the wasabi mayo brought the heat to spice up your night. ⠀

At just thirteen bucks a pop, this tremendous tartare is a must order with some house sake at @sakabaigokochi. The scallops are gonna be a superstar, I can feel it.