Tried the Green Curry Chicken (~$15) and Tom Yum Curry Steamed Fish (~$30). Green curry was nicely spiced and coconut-y, and left some sweet undertones which might get a bit jelak after a while. Would gave appreciated slightly more chicken pieces, otherwise the curry went very well with their jasmine rice which was very pillowy and fragrant. Portion of the steamed fish was huge. The meat was tender and easily separated. Sauce came with a good amount of vegetables like brinjal, tomatoes and lady finger. The sauce itself was very flavourful, although the sourness of tomyum could have been enhanced.

Restaurant was not crowded at 12pm on a weekday, with ample space and nice atmosphere to have a relaxing meal and chat. Service was prompt. The dishes are good but in my opinion, did not justify their high price points. I would only return with the 50% discount!