So far, my favourite discovery for takeaway during this lockdown is @yakiniquest - a Japanese Yakiniku restaurant that has been on my wishlist for more than a year, ever since @taro.chef of Takayama told me he loves dining there.
I ordered dinner from them last Thursday for my whole family and everyone was just as enamoured by the quality and taste of their food even with the time it took for me to transport the bags home (I couldn’t resist the 20% discount for self pick-ups!).
All the meats in the bento boxes were exquisitely delicious as they were handgrilled only upon order and presented on a bed of Japanese Koshihikari rice. The side dishes were impeccably executed as well. Below is the list of what we enjoyed, and let me just add, ladyboss Tomoko-san and her team did an amazing job of packing everything into paper bags decorated with hand-drawn drawings and messages of heartfelt thanks.

1. Negi Tongue Bento ($29) - From first bite, I was floating on cloud nine because the slices of premium Wagyu beef tongue were gently springy and deeply flavourful. What’s more, smothered over them was a truckload of insanely fragrant Japanese leek marinated in salt, pepper and sesame oil. Highly, highly recommended if you are a fan of beef tongue.
3. Wagyu Premium Lean Meat "AKAMI" Bento ($29) - Because @taro.chef had shared this was one of his favourites, of course I had to include it. And yes, it was as much a mind-blower in its own way. Buttery-soft and rich in flavour, the slices of hand-grilled, sesame seeds-scattered Wagyu were a decent thickness and boasted a mouthwatering smoky, subtle sweetness.
4. Yakiniku Bento ($18) - Value-for-money option with strips of soy-based sauce-simmered Wagyu Short Rib heaped on the rice. It wasn’t as “sauce-y” as I’d expected, so I’d say choose this only if you are drawn to a drier style of Yakiniku.
5. Charcoal-grilled Tenderloin or “Hire” ($62) - On the pricier end was the premium cut of Japanese Wagyu. Limited in quantity, the prized beef came in large, thick slices for a luxurious mouthfeel. I was compelled to chew each piece ever so slowly with my eyes closed.
6. Miyazaki Wagyu Roast Beef ($38) - The fabulously silky-soft slices of gorgeous meat slipped down my throat in the most pleasurable manner. By the way, you can have this as a Gyudon with Japanese Koshihikari rice if you wish.
7. Wagyu Egg Omelette ($15) - Stunningly fluffy and gushing with dashi, the fat and slightly flattened bolster of oishii-ness was filled with tender Miyazaki Wagyu. Definitely an add-on not to be missed.
8. Beef Stew ($20) - A popular dish that’s been on @yakiniquest’s menu since they opened, it comprised of irregular pieces of beef simmered till tender in a sweetish sauce with radish and onions. I enjoyed it a lot, especially after throwing on the fresh Japanese leeks and spicy chilli powder that were packed alongside.

To place an order from @yakiniquest, please tap on their link-in-bio on Instagram.

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